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Labour and Globalization

Neoliberal globalization is often associated with the rise of transnational corporations, free trade agreements, and the imposition of neoliberal policies on governments through the core international economic institutions. These processes sometimes feel far away from our everyday lives and struggles in the workplace. How have these processes impacted the lives of workers in both the Global North and Global South? How have they shaped prospects for resistance? How have workers and workers’ organizations responded to these challenges? In this course we will examine how globalization has shaped the lives of workers, working conditions, working class politics and democracy. We will also explore how workers have been developing strategies to challenge these processes, including forms of international labour solidarity, transnational union coordination as well as union coordination with unorganized, informal and unemployed workers and social movements.

LABRST 2G03 - not offered

Unit(s): 3.0 Level(s): II Term(s): Offered?: No Language?: No

Prerequisite(s): LABRST 1C03 Priority is given to students registered in a Labour Studies program.