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Undergraduate Program

Thinking about a degree in Labour Studies?

The internationally recognized and highly successful BA and Honours BA undergraduate degrees in Labour Studies are acknowledged strengths in the Social Sciences at McMaster University.

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Graduate Program

Graduate Degree Masters in Work & Society

The MA Programme in Work and Society is an exciting component of the School of Labour Studies at McMaster University. The prime objective of this unique graduate programme is to introduce students to a variety of theoretical approaches and practical policy debates that relate to working in contemporary societies around the world, as well as Canada. The subjects focus on a broad range of work activities, from working for wages in primary, industrial and service settings, to the paid and unpaid work that goes on in the home and elsewhere. Regardless of the particular focus, work is to be studied as one component of life experience that includes family life, community relations, gender and race relations, politics and state regulation.

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Certificate Programs

The world of labour is constantly changing.


That's why the School of Labour Studies has partnered with both the Hamilton District Labour Council and Unifor to offer two unique labour studies certificates designed to provide the most current labour education.


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