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Department of Anthropology

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Certificate Programs

The world of labour is constantly changing. That's why the School of Labour Studies has partnered with both the Hamilton District Labour Council and Unifor to offer two unique labour studies certificates designed to provide the most current labour education.

Graduate Programs

Canada's leading program studying contemporary work, workers and social justice movements. We offer both an exceptional master's program as well as North America's on PhD in Labour Studies.


The School of Labour Studies conducts cutting-edge research on domestic and international labour issues. We are leaders in community-engaged scholarship, collaborating with unions, community organizations and policy-makers. Our research helps make work better for everyone.

Undergraduate Programs

An interdisciplinary program where work is studied as one component of a larger life experience that includes family life, community relations, gender relations, and state policy.

Latest News & Events


Join us for the opening night of Lynn Nottage’s Pulitzer Prize-winning play and a special pre- performance reception and talk.
Jan 14, 2020

Regulating Decent Work for Domestic Workers

Adelle Blackett tells the story behind the International Labour Organization’s (ILO) Decent Work for Domestic Workers Convention No. 189, which in 2011 created the first comprehensive international standards to extend fundamental protections and rights to the millions of domestic workers labouring in other peoples’ homes throughout the world. As the principal legal architect, Blackett shows us how Convention No. 189 embraces domestic workers’ human rights claim to be both workers like any other, and workers like no other.
Nov 01, 2019

Dr. Judy Fudge, 2019 recipient of the Bora Laskin Award

Professor Judy Fudge has been chosen by the Selection Committee as the 2019 recipient of the Bora Laskin Award. This award, named in honour of the late Chief Justice Bora Laskin, has been established by the University of Toronto to honour those who have made outstanding contributions to Canadian labour law.
Oct 15, 2019

"Fairtube" and the like: Labour Rights for Digital Platform Workers - Monday, October 7

Dr. Eva Kocher C*LLaS Centre for Interdisciplinary Labour Law Studies, European University Viadrina, Frankfurt, Germany will facilitate a seminar discussing social protection of digital platform workers.
Oct 02, 2019

Designing Reality: The Third Digital Revolution

Two digital revolutions – computing and communication – have radically transformed our economy and lives. A third digital revolution is here: fabrication. While digital fabrication promises us self-sufficient cities and the ability to make (almost) anything, it could also lead to massive inequality. The first two digital revolutions caught most of the world flat-footed; thanks to Designing Reality that won’t be true this time.
Oct 02, 2019

Towards a New Politics of Migration

A new politics of migration must make connections not only between migrants and citizens, but also between migration and other global processes, particularly the outsourcing and the exploitation of labour and resources in the global south.
Oct 02, 2019