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Hamilton hosting 17th North American Basic Income Guarantee Congress

International conference to hear from Ontario’s basic income pilot participants

May 17, 2018

HAMILTON, ON | May 17, 2018 – Several hundred basic income researchers, academics, community and policy advocates, social activists and government representatives from around the world will gather in Hamilton at McMaster University next week for the 17th annual North American Basic Income Guarantee (NABIG) Congress.

“Basic income is a defining issue for our time, an antidote to the path of rising inequality, employment insecurity and social unrest, not forgetting automation is also taking our jobs, so it’s no wonder support is growing,” says Sheila Regehr, chair of the Basic Income Canada Network. “NABIG this year is a remarkable showcase for learning and action, from the perspectives of high-tech entrepreneurs to physicians, human rights experts to environmentalists. There are program and pilot designers, funders and participants coming, along with filmmakers taking the basic income message to the public, and young people in particular whose future is most at stake.”

NABIG is a joint endeavour of the Basic Income Canada Network (BICN) and the United States Basic Income Guarantee Network. The 2018 Congress is organized in collaboration with McMaster University and the Hamilton Roundtable for Poverty Reduction (HRPR).

“Hamilton is uniquely positioned as the host community of the Congress as it is a pilot site for the Province of Ontario’s first basic income pilot project,” says Tom Cooper, director of HRPR. “Some of the local basic income participants will be included among the speakers at the 2018 Congress so attendees will hear first hand how basic income is improving their lives already.”

Opening night (Thursday, May 24) of the Congress will include a “conversation among national public champions” of basic income, including Canadian Senator and former Toronto mayor Art Eggleton; economist and Canadian Member of Parliament Guy Caron; famed Manitoba Mincome researcher and population health expert, Dr. Evelyn Forget; BICN chairperson, Sheila Regehr; and candidate for Governor of Maryland, Ian Schlakman (who is campaigning on a basic income-anchored platform).

Friday evening (May 25) will include the premiere screening of a new and original documentary film on the famous Manitoba Mincome experiment in Dauphin, Manitoba, in the 1970s. This will be followed by discussion with the American filmmaker and Mincome’s executive director, Ron Hikel.

Also included in NABIG 2018, will be plenary speakers from Canada, the U.S., Mexico, Belgium and Portugal. More than 30 workshops with almost 100 other presenters will address the Congress’ two main themes: (1) the converging paths leading to basic income (e.g., health, human rights, automation, sustainability, democracy, etc.); and (2) making basic income a reality, through pilots, policy, and public support.

For more information and interviews, please contact: Jeffrey Martin

905-929-9397 | For media registration at NABIG, please contact:

Rob Rainer: 613-314-7755


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