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Summer course: Work and Racism

Looking to pick up a course this summer? LABRST 2J03 - Work and Racism. Classes start Tues. June 20. Last day for enrolment Fri. June 23

Apr 28, 2017

SUMMER LABRST 2J03 Work & Racism Jessica Franklin Tu & Th 6:30-9:30 PM

Work and Racism LABRST 2J03

This course explores individual and systemic racism in the Canadian labour market through the experiences of Aboriginal peoples, immigrants, and racialized, linguistic and cultural minorities.

Beginning with colonialism, the course provides historical and contemporary perspectives on racism in job allocation, work relationships, labour struggles, and social welfare systems. It also analyses public policy, employer, union and grassroots solutions to employment-related racial discrimination.

Lectures and discussion; one term, 3 units