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The Alice and Walter Day Scholarship

Professor Emeritus Graham Knight donates Labour Studies Scholarship

Mar 01, 2012

Inspired by a career studying labour issues and a grandfather who supported his extended family by working a blue-collar job, Professor Emeritus Graham Knight has established the Alice and Walter Day Scholarship.

The scholarship is named in honour of Dr. Knight’s grandparents, who helped raise him as a youth in England. The $500 scholarship will be awarded to a student who is entering his or her fourth year in the labour studies program and has demonstrated outstanding academic achievement.

“It’s a small gesture to reward and encourage others,” says Dr. Knight, who was a professor in both the sociology and communications departments and dedicated his 37-year career to studying labour issues. “I had an opportunity to offer maybe not a helping hand, but a helping finger.”

Dr. Knight says he donated the scholarship in the memory of his grandparents because they represented a period of time where there were limited opportunities for people from blue-collar households to advance in society.

“My grandfather was a man who, had the opportunity been presented, would have become a professional. He was a very bright man,” says Dr. Knight, who recognizes he was fortunate to be part of a generation that was presented several opportunities for social mobilization.

Dr. Knight says he hopes the scholarship helps a new generation of students that now face unique economic and social mobility challenges.