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Campus banners showcase some of McMaster's best and brightest

Wayne Lewchuk, LIUNA Enrico Henry Mancinelli Professor in Global Labour Issues, featured "Brighter World" campaign banner.

Jun 06, 2018

Some of McMaster’s top researchers in a wide variety of fields, are being showcased on banners across campus as part of the roll-out of McMaster’s new #BrighterWorld brand introduction.

The banners include photos and short descriptions of the researchers and their work, and have been installed on light-posts around the university.

“Our goal at McMaster is to create a brighter world - to improve the health and well-being of all people while contributing to our global knowledge base and advancing the societies and the world in which we live,” says University President Patrick Deane. “We believe that bringing together the best and brightest minds is the spark that makes a brighter world possible.”

One of the banners, located in front of the McMaster's Children's Hospital features Dr. Wayne Lewchuk, a professor in McMaster's Department of Economics and the School of Labour Studies. Lewchuk's research focuses on using stable employment to build stronger communities.

 “These banners are a great reminder of that talent that resides at McMaster and I hope they inspire the campus community and visitors to learn more about the world-class research being done right here in Hamilton.” says Rob Baker, vice-president of Research. 

Congratulation Wayne!