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The world of labour is constantly changing.

That's why the School of Labour Studies offers two unique certificates designed to provide the most current labour education.

HDLC-McMaster Labour Studies Certificate

  • Most courses are 12 hours in total and are offered either in the evening or on weekends
  • Small class sizes
  • Experienced instructors

Learn more about the HDLC-McMaster
Labour Studies Certificate

Download the HDLC-McMaster Labour Studies Certificate Brochure

Unifor-McMaster Labour Studies Certificate

  • Designed specifically for UNIFOR members in the auto sector
  • An in-depth credit program designed to be completed at your own pace
  • Required to complete 36 units in order to be eligible to graduate

Learn more about the Unifor-McMaster
Labour Studies Certificate

Download the Unifor-McMaster Certificate Brochure

HDLC-McMaster Labour Studies Certificate

The McMaster School of Labour Studies offered its first certificate courses in 1976. We currently offer a Certificate in Labour Studies as well as two joint certificates in partnership with the Brantford and Hamilton and District Labour Councils, and Mohawk College.

Education Designed for Workers

The McMaster Labour Studies Certificate Program offers working people an opportunity to better understand and act upon the complex problems they face in their day to day lives. Courses examine the lives and experiences of working people, the changing nature of work, the impact of government policies, and the role of the labour movement in the social, economic and political development of modern society. Students are given an opportunity to examine, in a friendly environment, issues of concern to them as workers. Specialized courses in research skills, library resources and the internet provide students with the tools they need to make lifelong learning a reality.

Certificate classes are organized to reflect the basic principles of adult education. Classes are small and structured to build on the knowledge workers accumulate during their day to day struggles. Experienced instructors work closely with students to ensure a positive and comfortable learning environment. Course offerings are designed to make access easier for workers constrained by shift work, overtime and family obligations. Most courses are 12 hours in total and are offered either in the evening or on weekends.


The Labour Studies Joint Certificate with the Hamilton & Brantford District Labour Councils

The Labour Councils have a say in the courses needed to qualify for a certificate, which courses are offered, and which instructors are used. During its first twenty years, the Certificate has helped hundreds of workers access the educational resources of McMaster. Many of our graduates have gone on to play important roles in the local labour movement and have filled executive positions in both local unions and on the Hamilton and District Labour Council.

These four courses are required:

  • History of the Labour Movement, parts 1 and 2 (4 units)
  • Challenges Facing the Labour Movement, parts 1 and 2 (4 units)

The remaining 16 units can be selected from a list of electives.


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Krysta Blanche

Undergraduate Administrative Assistant & Labour Studies Certificate Coordinator

Course fees, Registration, and Scholarship Information:

Information about course fees, registration, and scholarships can be obtained from your local union or by contacting one of the organizations listed below:

  • School of Labour Studies
    Krysta Blanche
    McMaster University
    Hamilton (905) 525-9140 ext. 24015

HDLC Certificate Program Details

Unifor-McMaster Labour Studies Certificate

Unifor-McMaster Labour Studies courses are designed specifically for Unifor members. Education has an important role in building a knowledgeable membership and workplace leadership. The Unifor-McMaster program is designed on a learning approach that is built upon a commitment to participants that translates into respect for prior experience, skill and activism.

Welcome to the Unifor-McMaster Labour Studies Program

The certificate program is an in-depth credit program designed to be completed at your own pace. Classes are held at in your community at various times during the day, evening or weekend, allowing the maximum number of workers to take advantage. Courses are designed by experts in the field to give you knowledge and practical information you need to succeed and understand the working world of today. Courses are set to serve individuals who want to pursue learning and career goals in a flexible setting.

Whether you are looking for career advancement, job change, working towards a degree or interested in learning for self-development and enrichment, we can help.

The partnership between Unifor and McMaster University has allowed us to offer courses designed specifically for you, with your interests in mind. We look forward to continuing this innovative program and developing new courses in the near future. Its continued success will depend critically on your participation this term and in the future. Courses have been scheduled for all locations. Details can be found in the downloadable brochure on this site.

How to Complete the Certificate

Students in the Unifor-McMaster program are required to complete 36 units to be eligible to graduate. Depending on the course, unit values range from 1 unit to 8 unit courses. Course descriptions and unit value can be found in the calendar. Courses are delivered by a combination of in-class instruction, video conferencing, online modules, and CD-Rom.

“I’m pleased that we’ve got the program back on track. It was too important to let fail. Our partnership with the School of Labour Studies at McMaster University has produced one of the most innovative labour education programs around. I’m glad our members at Ford, Chrysler and General Motors will continue to have the opportunity for the personal development and the social engagement that characterizes CAW/MAC courses.”

Ken Lewenza, CAW National President

UNIFOR McMaster Labour Studies Certificate Program Details

Unifor-McMaster Student Research Papers:

Research projects being done by students in our Research Methods and Independent Research Project courses:

Area Coordinators and Contact Information:


Bill Turner (Local 1285)
Or Gail Luyben-Powers
905-451-2691 or Tuesdays 905-799-5114


Kris Mueller (Local 1459)
Local 1459 647-291-7539

Hamilton (McMaster University: Local 5555)

Anthony Tambureno

London Area

Frank Ware (Local 27)

General Dynamics
Dereck Berry (Local 27)


Contact Anthony Tambureno to join our mailing list


Dan Borthwick (Local 88)

St Catharines

Peter Scott (Local 199)
905-682-2611 ext. 238 or


Billy O'Neill (Local 707)
905-920-2682 OR


John MacDonald (Local 222)


Rick LaBonté (Local 444)
To register: 519-258-6400
Questions: 519-890-9809
Students from Local 200:
please call 519-256-3453 to register

Registration Forms:

You may print off the registration form for upcoming courses. Please give your completed registration form to your area contact person as listed below or you may give it directly to your course instructor on the first session.

Download the Course Registration Form

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Anthony Tambureno

UNIFOR/MAC Certificate Programme